Businesses and organizations have many important things to consider when operating a network for clients to access and for employees to store data. Is their uptime reliable? Does the business have a fool-proof solution in case of a disaster? Is the client data secure? All these questions can be overwhelming, but it is crucial for organizations to answer these questions for maximum operation and productivity.

Specifically, for businesses and organizations in Florida, there is a NAP that can calm your worries to these questions.

How JaxNAP Helps Businesses

A NAP, or network access point, is used by internet service providers to connect in peering arrangements. These services were vital during the transforming age of the internet when it was shifting to commercial uses in the 1990s. Nowadays, it takes a lot of expensive equipment, time, energy, and other various resources for a business to keep their data secure and running at all times. Luckily, there are data centers around to help with these issues, and a network access point in Jacksonville, Florida called JaxNAP is going to be used to help explain why this is important to both businesses and consumers alike.

Most people have encountered issues with accessing financial organizations, whether that means slow services, low availability, or unsecured information. This is very annoying to the consumer, so businesses should be mindful of how to fix this issue to keep everyone involved productive and satisfied. Unfortunately, this can cost a lot of money for upkeep; however, it doesn’t have to. With a data center, businesses can store their data and network equipment in an easily expandable area. Oftentimes, the main financial issue with upkeep is to make sure all the equipment is running, up-to-date, and constantly cooled. When a business has too much equipment in one small space, it becomes too hot for the technology to operate, which causes overheating. This can lead to the systems being down for days until an IT technician can fix the issue, or in a worst-case scenario, data loss can occur. In a data center, preventative measures are taken by providing constant upkeep, so your business doesn’t have to.

This issue is extremely common and costly for healthcare businesses. If the system is down for even just a minute it can be very detrimental to the patients, doctors and by default, the business itself. Due to the important need for access to information, servers and equipment must always be reliable, which is not always a cost-friendly endeavor. Once an on-site data center is created for an organization, it can be time-consuming and costly to move; thankfully, the aforementioned JaxNAP offers services to aid in co-locating and can even provide private data centers. Having an option like this is important for health organizations to consider in keeping the patient’s health in mind and the cost of maintaining their data affordable.

Law firms can also benefit from a data center. It can be difficult to make sure all your information from clients and case files are secure. Most data centers are generally reliable, but the best one for you will offer 24/7/365 monitoring and security to make sure unauthorized access is impossible. JaxNAP specifically has installed biometric security devices for maximum protection. Damaging equipment and stealing information happens all too often to organizations and businesses, so it’s best to keep security a priority. Besides keeping your data protected, it can also build employee and client trust knowing that their personal information is safe.

Keeping Reliable Network Uptime

Maintaining uptime in your network is extremely important, and this applies to independent freelancers, entrepreneurs, high scaled businesses, and even a student taking part in an online course. Most people have experienced downtime in their internet connection, so you probably know how frustrating it is for the consumer or your customers. When you are sending or looking for information, it is crucial that the network is reliable. This means it should always be running. Unfortunately, it can be stressful to deal with downtime; even just a minute can cost your business thousands of dollars. This is yet another important concern that can make or break a business. JaxNAP can be a model for keeping reliable uptime, as they have six durable transformers to make sure your network is up and running. Even though they are durable, if one transformer does happen to fail, the others are there to keep things running, stable and to give ample time to fix the first. If you’re looking for a network access point to utilize, make sure to choose one with durable back-up systems to keep your network reliable.

Now it’s time to get technical. Sometimes businesses need to connect with other organizations, and this is where the importance of a Meet-Me-Room comes in. This “room” makes it easy for different firms to be interconnected in a secure space. In a meet-me room, a point of presence is established to allow the firms to interconnect. A point of presence can be defined as using remote equipment to extend a network. Clients, infrastructure, and other networks can be interconnected for the extension of network services. There are other forms of a point of a presence than just a meet-me room, including colocation, Wi-Fi, and local and international telecom. By establishing those types of points of presence, you can connect your network globally.

The center of connectivity for an area is often dubbed as a carrier hotel, found usually in major cities. The goal of a carrier hotel is to maximize global reach. This kind of necessary optimization can create quite the workload for a business to handle, so a lot of them turn to these “hotels” to keep the connection and network strong.

JaxNAP is Florida’s Only Trip-Redundant Spot Network

Situated next to the AT&T switch hub and JEA’s chilled water plant –

After reading all of this information, it’s important to note that JaxNAP offers quality service in all of the areas discussed. The business is a model to base your choices for which organization to trust. They describe their best qualities in three categories, the first being their reliability and security. As previously stated, they do keep 24/7/365 on-site security and monitoring, biometric security devices and RFID cards, as well as multi-layered access. The second point is that JaxNAP has a redundant infrastructure. They credit themselves as North Florida’s only triple-redundant spot network. As previously mentioned, they have six durable transformers with multiple feeds always serving as back-up. The third point that makes JaxNAP a good option is the quality of their carrier hotel that creates a diverse selection for connectivity needs.

In summary, businesses and organizations have a lot to think about in order to keep their employees and clients happy. This involves keeping the network reliable, equipment durable, and data protected. It is crucial to consider all these factors in order to keep your network operating. In the long run, operating your network out of a data center will actually be saving the business money and precious resources by preventing costly downtime. When your clients feel they can rely on your services, it increases the success of your business.