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GoRACK started in 2009 with just 2 clients. Today, we have 2 data centers and hundreds of clients. That's a lot of growth in a short amount of time. We attribute that growth to our founding principles of being fast, accurate, and friendly.

About GoRACK

Located at the Jacksonville NAP(Network Access Point) our 421 West Church Street, GoRACK's facilities offers more than 20+ on-site carriers, network speeds up to 100 Gbps, a 2N redundancy environment, with full environmental controls. The facility is full of security features such as man-traps, a 24/7 on-duty staff, RFID Access Cards, and Biometric Access Controls to ensure physical security.

Being located at the JaxNAP makes it the premier hub in the Southeast, providing direct fiber paths to Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, and domestic/international subsea fiber optic cable systems. The convergence of principal data routes and Tier-1 carriers within the JaxNAP means more efficient data routing, with less backhauling.

Network Overview

Primary ASN 19844
IRR as-set/route-set AS-GORACK
Network Type Cable/DSL/ISP
IPv4 Prefixes 25
IPv6 Prefixes 1
Traffic Levels 5-10 Gbps
Traffic Ratios Mostly Outbound
Geographic Scope North America
Protocol Support
  • Unicast
  • Multicast
  • IPv6
Contract Not Required
Peering Policy N/A