Regardless of the kind or scale of your business, uptime is crucial. Whether you’re just a blogger or a multinational company, whether you’re just running a small nonprofit organization or a small business, or if you’re a news site or a retailer, having your network always available is crucial. If data fails to reach its destination because of downtime, for businesses, it can mean thousands of dollars. This is precisely why maintaining an excellent uptime is critical.

Why maintaining uptime is important

To put it simply, uptime is the measurement of how healthy your network is and provides insight into the percentage of time for which the network is available. Not to forget, a high uptime is a component necessary for running any business or infrastructure.

If outstanding uptimes are not maintained, this could translate into lost data, customers, and money. In addition, lower uptimes give a poor impression of not only your network but also your business.

JaxNAP for maintaining the best uptime

JaxNAP takes pride in having the only triple-redundant spot network in North Florida. It is built upon a system that incorporates both redundant N+2 transformers as well as multiple utility feeds to guarantee service uptime and reliability. While both the transformers are durable, JaxNAP is ready to tackle any problem. So even if one of the transformers fails, there’s still sufficient power to keep your data center infrastructure or colocation running smoothly to ensure sustainability and uptime further. In total, there are more than 14 megawatts of connected utility power at a certain time, reducing the chances of downtime to the minimum.

To give the best to our customers, we have an onsite team of engineers always ready to tackle issues that threaten to threaten the reliability of the carrier services provided within the facility. The team is also ready to counter any attacks to maintain uptime.

Why JaxNAP

JaxNAP’s facility is built for reliability based on a 2N design, which standardizes two of everything. The design also works to prevent any unexpected time, which is why it employs 6 diverse power feeds, five backup generators, and dual load design.

Our team of reliable and certified technicians and engineers oversee facility machinery, power, networking, and cooling. Since the team is available round the clock throughout the year, the chances of downtime are minimized.

Above all, JaxNAP promises a cost-efficient network solution. Downtime, in particular, can be quite expensive, which is why our partners offer excellent solutions within our facility to get rid of these unwanted costs.