Operated for over ten years, JaxNAP provides services to the specific needs of data centers as well as local networks in North Florida with a focus on commitment to excellence.

Located in downtown Jacksonville, JaxNAP hosts various independent colocation data centers, subsea fiber providers, and network POPs. It also has the most reliable network infrastructure, making it a great solution for enterprises.

A Widely Connected Network

What makes it the most reliable network infrastructure in North Florida is its facility that has been designed to provide the area with a redundant network access point between Miami and Atlanta. JaxNAP is supported by a plethora of cross-country fiber providers along with subsea cable systems, including AMX-1, CCF, PCCS, SAPL, and CWN. 

With the constantly expanding global network of these submarine cables, the subsea fiber optic pathway connects JaxNAP to the global digital community. This results in one of the best peering environments within the Southeast United States.

JaxNAP and JXIX teams offer various transfer-oriented services, which include peering between major networks. In addition to that, the dense fiber landing pad also promises an expedient, efficient, and stable pathway for IP exchanges and transit for ISPs that need upstream channels of traffic.

JaxNAP has partnered up with companies such as SAPL (South America Pacific Link) to offer a low latency data path to places in South America. This allows for a faster and better data path.

JaxNAP connects North Florida across the Atlantic Ocean and is the only hub between Atlanta and Miami.

JaxNAP takes pride in being the only peering exchange present in Northeast Florida and serves as the sponsoring host of JXIX (Jacksonville Internet Exchange). The JXIX ensures simple peering between various high-traffic networks, including Akamai and Google.

Reliable Solutions

JaxNAP provides more than 20 in-house fiber solutions. With our diverse range of cross-country fiber transits, we offer an unmatched fiber density that goes all the way to the transatlantic and the South American subsea dark fiber carriers. By peering with data centers across the globe, you can enjoy lower ping times for your network by operating right at the source.

JaxNAP is best known for its highly available net neutral network options as well as our 2N power design with backup power sources, including UPS battery and diesel. We strive to be the best internet hub of Northeast Florida with our global backbone interconnection, JXIX’s neutrality, and our meet-me room.

On a physical as well as network level, security plays a critical role in dealing with sensitive data, including critical and confidential data. We keep security as our top-most priority and have put key security measures in place, including biometric access controls to access layer, firewalls, and 24/7 network monitoring. With these approaches at hand, your data is bound to be secure.