From financial and healthcare to educational, JaxNAP is the ideal solution for all kinds of businesses that can fully cater to their needs.

JaxNAP for Financial and Business

The world has not shifted to online payments and banking, which makes it essential for financial organizations to be highly secure. While large organizations can easily afford to build their own data centers, other companies turn to colocation for reducing overhead costs, increasing security, speeding up their mobile services, and maximizing availability. 

JaxNAP lets businesses house their financial data and network equipment within the redundant managed facility. Plus, with its colocation services, JaxNAP offers clients with scalable and purpose-built data space that increases reliability and can grow according to the demand without any overhead associated with maintaining utilities, IT professionals, and equipment.

Best Suited for Healthcare Services

Just a few seconds of downtime for healthcare services can be really damaging. This is where JaxNAP comes in to ensure maximum availability and reliability.

Healthcare organizations usually use external services when their data centers run out of space, are out-dated, or because the cost of creating a new data center is relatively higher than the cost of leasing or renting offsite. In addition, moving existing hardware from in-house data centers to offside providers involves significant downtime for your end-users. Another problem healthcare organizations usually face is with their IT professionals. Running a data center on-site is really challenging and requires technically-skilled people for effective operation. Even when one of these people leaves, the organization faces issues with reliability, availability, and uptime maintenance.

This is where JaxNAP comes in. With JaxNAP, healthcare organizations can co-locate with our partners and shift their network into our top-notch state-of-the-art facility. Organizations can also use our teleco suits for building their own private data center.

Making It Easy for Law Firms to Serve People

Running a law firm requires the management of associates and partners and involves a plethora of case and client data. While running your legal practices, you run or conduct discovery on systems and applications used for adding security, portability, and efficiency to your legal efforts. At the same time, you work on making your business more profitable and productive.

Of course, there are known benefits of using e-discovery and billing and financial software. However, it’s not the managing partners’ responsibility to integrate all these systems and manage their hardware. This is where JaxNAP can serve. It works to secure confidential client and case data. Plus, with our state-of-the-art networking facilities, top-notch security, and are data centers, we can handle your hardware and systems for you.

Best Infrastructure for Education

For education at every level, data has become an essential part. There’s a great need to rapidly add as well as update the student data, meet the needs of various supporting and faculty staff, and monitor the school performance. However, due to limited budgets, it often becomes difficult for schools to meet these demands. This is where JaxNAP comes in. It provides excellent colocation options as well as top-notch data centers to help the education sector meet its rapidly changing scope of data needs.