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Inside JaxNAP

Our facility features & specs at a glance

JaxNAP is built to host enterprise level data centers in a fully managed environment.

Jacksonville's Fiber Well

What is the JaxNAP?

Located at 421 West Church Street in bustling downtown Jacksonville, JaxNAP hosts a wide variety of independent colocation data centers, network Points Of Presence (POP), and subsea fiber providers. You could call us a "Carrier Hotel". Our facility is designed to provide Northeast Florida with a redundant Network Access Point (NAP) in between Miami, FL & Atlanta, GA. Within our walls is a well of cross country fiber providers & sub-sea cable systems such as:

As part of an ever-expanding global network of submarine cables, these subsea fiber optic pathways connect JaxNAP’s Internet and data services to the rest of the global digital community, creating a peering environment that is second to none in the Southeast United States.

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  • Network Peering

    Peering between major networks isn’t the only transfer-oriented service offered up by the JXIX and JaxNAP teams. For ISPs that require upstream channels of traffic as well, our dense fiber landing pad also serves as a stable, efficient, and expedient pathway for IP transit and exchanges.

  • Connection Point to South America

    We're partnered with companies like South America Pacific Link (SAPL) to provide a low latency data path to the South Americas.

  • Trans-Atlantic Fiber Optic Access

    Connecting North East Florida across the Atlantic ocean as the only hub petween Atlanta, GA & Miami, FL.

  • Host of the JXIX

    As the only peering exchange located in the Northeast Florida area, JaxNAP is proud to serve as the sponsoring host of the Jacksonville Internet Exchange (JXIX). The JXIX facilitates simple peering between Google, Akamai, and a variety of other high-traffic networks.

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JaxNAP Carrier Hotel

Providing over 20+ in-house fiber solutions.

Our fiber density is unmatched in Northeast Florida by providing a diverse selection of cross-country fiber transits, all the way to transatlantic & South American subsea dark fiber carriers.

Peer with data centers from across the USA, South America, and all the way across the Atlantic ocean and give your network even lower ping times by operating at the source.

Call +1 (904) 549-7540 to learn more about your options.

Official Tenants

Net Neutral & Carrier Diversity.

As a hub of the internet it is important to be neutral towards clients, tenants, carriers, and the Internet-of-Things.

Our tenants are providing North East Florida with premiere data center services and networking. Through these tenantships
our facility offers a number of networking solutions from shared colo, all the way to private cloud hosting.

Host of the Jacksonville Internet Exchange (JXIX)

Network & Power

Global Connection.
Always online.

The bread and butter of JaxNAP is our highly available, net neautral network options, and our 2N power design with diesel & UPS battery backup power sources. From our meet-me room and JXIX's (Jacksonville Internet Exchange) neautralilty, all the way to our global backbone interconnection, we're the premiere internet hub of North East Florida.

Click here to learn more about our meet-me room

A Carrier Hotel

Between our 20+ carrier availability and meet-me rooms, JaxNAP is the #1 Point of Presence in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia.

Built For Reliability

Our facility is based on a 2N design, standardizing two of everything. This design also works to prevent unexpected downtime so you don't have to.

  • 6 Diverse Power Feeds Ranging 13.2kv to 480v
  • 2N Redundancy & Dual Load Design
  • 5 Backup Generators w/ 3MW of Power

Certified Technicians

We've built a reliable team of engineers & technicians to oversee our power, networking, cooling, and facility machinery.

  • Available 24/7/365
  • Trained & Experienced
  • Fast, Reliable, & Friendly

Security Overview

Ensuring Your Data is Safe

Security on the physical and network level plays a vital role in dealing with confidential, critical, or any form of sensitive data.

Security is #1 priority, period. Our facilities have key security measures put in place for the safety of your equipment and data. From biometric access controls to distribution & access layers, firewalls, and 24/7 network monitoring & on-site security, your data is guaranteed to be secure.

24/7 CC-TV & On-Site Security

Physical security is about knowing your threats and monitoring entry points. Our guards are trained to handle all situations and prevent unauthorized access.

Secure Access & Distrubtion

Network security and maintaining privacy easily go hand-in-hand through network monitoring systems and firewalls in place. Our NOC monitors network traffic and is ready to prevent any network interruptions.

Biometric Access Points

For those with critical or highly sensitive data we provide a biometric access solution to your equipment. This is just another one of our many security measures available to our tenants.

Cooling Systems

Designed with our Ecosystem in Mind. Go Green!

Our data rooms, power rooms, machine rooms, and all other facility operations generate massive amounts of heat. We've provided each data, power, and teleco room suite with access to our Liebert cooling systems to fit all ecosystem builds, like cold-aisle containment.

  • Glycol Chillers

    Our Liebert environmental systems provide all data rooms and cold-aisle containment units with our glycol chillers.

  • Certified Engineers

    Our facility has a team of engineers dedicated to maintaining our Lieberts, chillers, and other machine systems within JaxNAP.

“Our challenge is to provide North Florida with the opportunity of connecting with the world through our realiable facility. Our goal is to grow and build upon our foundations.”

Founder and President

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