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Our facilities are built to support various industry requirements, customizable to individual client needs. Our innovative security and trained personnel help to mitigate risk.

Financial & Business

Colocate to Jacksonville

Nearly half of today’s consumers interact with their banks through digital means only; 40% of Americans haven’t physically gone to a bank or credit union in the past 6 months. The shift to online banking and payments is here, and financial organizations...

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Healthcare Services

Protect & Secure Health Data

The most common reason healthcare organizations use outside services is that their own data centers are old, and either running out of space and the cost to create a new data center is much higher than the cost of renting or leasing offsite...

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Law Firms

By The People, For The People

Running your legal practice requires the management of your partners and associates, plus terabytes of client and case data. To help in this process, chances are you are either running or conducting discovery on the systems...

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A Future for Our Future.

Colocation provides School Districts and Institutions of Higher Learning with reduced overhead costs, increased stability, increased security, and computer infrastructure scalability.

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