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The benefits of colocation, redundant data centers, & JaxNAP for healthcare.

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Healthcare Industry

The most common reason healthcare organizations use outside services is that their own data centers are old, and either running out of space and the cost to create a new data center is much higher than the cost of renting or leasing offsite; or the old data center needs to be upgraded or moved to meet higher standards, which is likewise too costly compared with renting or leasing.

Another common time to consider outside services is when an organization purchases new equipment or software. Moving existing hardware from an in-house data center to an offsite provider can involve downtime for your end users. However, when hardware needs replacement, it’s the perfect time to transition; you can use the old hardware to provide service to end users until the new hardware is set up in the offsite data center. The same is true when organizations purchase new software.

Finally, healthcare organizations can consider offsite data centers when they lose key employees. Running an onsite data center is challenging, and doing it effectively requires technically skilled people. When even one of these people leaves, the organization faces challenges maintaining the uptime, availability and reliability their applications need.

As a leader in your healthcare organization, you should know when to make the case for moving from an in-house data center to an offsite provider. Trying to make the case without one of these qualifying events is challenging and likely to fall on deaf ears. However, any of the situations described above are perfect times for you to transition to a more reliable, more cost-effective and more secure colocation environment.

Colocation and Data Center Space provides Healthcare clients with purpose-built, scalable data space that increases reliability and security, maintains data availability, and can grow as rapidly as demand requires without the overhead associated with developing and maintaining IT professionals, equipment, or utilities.

JaxNAP Benefits

A Strategic Location

Between our 20+ carrier availability and meet-me rooms, JaxNAP is the #1 Point of Presence in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia.

Built For Reliability

Our facility is based on a 2N design, standardizing two of everything. This design also works to prevent unexpected downtime so you don't have to.

  • 6 Diverse Power Feeds Ranging 13.2kv to 480v
  • 2N Redundancy & Dual Load Design
  • 5 Backup Generators w/ 3MW of Power

Certified Technicians

We've built a reliable team of engineers & technicians to oversee our power, networking, cooling, and facility machinery.

  • Available 24/7/365
  • Trained & Experienced
  • Fast, Reliable, & Friendly

Success In Action

  • Reduce Risk

    Jacksonville is five times less likely than Miami to experience a hurricane, and provides a redundant point of connectivity for carriers already in NAP of the Americas.

  • Lower Cost

    Jacksonville provides reduced connectivity and colocation costs as well as lower general business costs compared to Miami and Atlanta, providing tenants up to 30% of total cost savings.

  • Decreased Latency

    Allows carriers to cut off 350 files of network to reduce latency by getting into the network one node closer, circumventing South Florida altogether.

  • Network Evolution

    A new subsea cable system is being developed to connect Jacksonville to New York will provide lower latency than terrestrial networks, which will drive all traffic currently going from Atlanta to New York to instead route through JaxNAP.

State-of-the-Art Facility

North Florida's Primary Network Access Point.

Our facility was built for redundancy in a cost efficient location. JaxNAP is ideally situated within Jacksonville for optimal power access, as the facility is located across from the AT&T master switching station and JEA's chilled water plant.

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Available Services

We’ve got the infastructure you need

Meet Me Rooms & JXIX

Interconnect with partners within JaxNAP & have access to over 20+ network carriers.

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Colocation Services

Colocate with out partners and move your network into our state-of-the-art facility.

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Data Center Space

Build your own private data center within one of our many available teleco suites.

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