JAX NAP Onsite Features

The JAX NAP facility aims to offer up only the best on-site amenities to colocation providers, data centers, and other network-based organizations in the Northeast Florida area. Working with our team means expecting the gold standard when it comes to reliability, variety, and premium features.

Gaining Access to the Global Digital World via JAX NAP’s Submarine Cable Infrastructure

Understanding your connectivity options is vital to making the right choice as far as your preferred network access point goes. With this in mind, here’s a brief look at the cable landings in Jacksonville via Telegeography’s Submarine Cable Map.

Designed with the help of authoritative Global Bandwidth research, TeleGeography’s Submarine Cable Map offers up an inside look at how active and upcoming cable landings bridge the gap between the various regions of our modern world. In terms of cables that land here in Jacksonville, the following three subsea offerings are either active or scheduled for future service capabilities:

  •   •   America Movil Submarine Cable System-1 (AMX-1)
  •   •   Pacific Caribbean Cable System (PCCS)
  •   •   South America Pacific Link (SAPL)

As part of an ever-expanding global network of submarine cables, these subsea fiber optic pathways connect JAX NAP’s Internet and data services to rest of the global digital community, creating a peering environment that is second to none in the Southeast United States.

  • Currently the host of two subsea cable system landing points – AMX-1 and PCCS – JAX NAP will also be the home of the SAPL after it goes live in the fourth quarter of 2017.

  • These submarine cable landing points connect Jacksonville to Central and South America, as well as various other Internet traffic exchange points within the Caribbean.

  • Providing access to these trans-Atlantic fiber optic conduits ensures that the local technical industry and greater Northeast Florida economy as a whole remain on the cutting edge of the global colocation and data landscape.

  • With no other cable landing points existing between Vero Beach, FL and Tuckerton, NJ, JAX NAP stands as the preeminent peering option in the region.


JAX NAP’s Leading Facility Features

JAX NAP offers a unique blend of functionality and performance that data centers and network providers alike won’t find anywhere else.

Highly Redundant Utility Power

As North Florida’s only triple redundant spot network, sustainability and uptime are always part of the conversation. Specifically, JAX NAP relies upon multiple on-site N+2 transformers and dual channel utility feeds. Even if one of these durable transformers experiences a failure, there’s still plenty of power to keep your colocation or data center infrastructure up and running. In total, JAX NAP has access to over 14 megawatts of connected utility power at any given time.

Multiple Diverse Fiber Entries

Laying claim to the largest concentration of lit and dark offerings means that our facility stands alone as Jacksonville’s fiber leader. JAX NAP has access to the highest density of fiber optic cable within the Northeast Florida region, which means that there’s no current or future fiber service need that we can’t accommodate. Adding in that the JAX NAP location provides tenants with a diverse series of entry points on each side of the building, as well as conduit and innerduct infrastructure already in place, makes installation by a carrier or fiber provider a breeze.

Neutral Fiber Landing Pad

Neutral interconnection is a big deal here at the JAX NAP facility. By creating an entirely neutral fiber landing pad as the central hub of distribution within our fiber-dense building, carriers and fiber providers alike can reach any on-site tenant in a quick and efficient manner. Simply put, cross connection between these participating parties goes from a massive headache to a process that’s simple, painless, expedient, and easy on your organization’s budget.

Jacksonville Internet Exchange

As the only peering exchange located in the Northeast Florida area, JAX NAP is proud to serve as the sponsoring host of the Jacksonville Internet Exchange (JXIX). The JXIX facilitates simple peering between Google, Akamai, and a variety of other high-traffic networks.

Features at a Glance

  • Multiple Diverse Fiber Entries
  • Carrier Neutral
  • Simple cross connection to building tenants through the neutral fiber landing pad
  • State of the art Security & Monitoring
  • 24/7 Secure Access
  • Roof Rights Available
  • 14 megawatts of redundant power provided by a spot network
  • Immediately adjacent to AT&T central office
  • Adjacent to JEA municipal chilled water plant
  • One block from Jacksonville/Duval County government centers
  • One block from Northern Florida District Court
  • Host of the Jacksonville Internet Exchange
  • Direct access to South American fiber routes

Onsite Data Center Facilities

  • C&W Networks
  • CenturyLink
  • Cologix
  • Earthlink
  • FPL FiberNet
  • GoRACK
  • Nodes Direct
  • Radius Solutions
  • Windstream

Onsite Fiber Providers

  • America Movil
  • Allied Fiber
  • AT&T
  • CenturyLink
  • Cogent
  • Comcast
  • DFS/Dark Fiber Systems
  • Earthlink
  • FPL FiberNet
  • JEA
  • Level3
  • Georgia Public Web
  • T-Mobile
  • Telefonica
  • TeliaSonera
  • Tower Cloud
  • Townes Broadband
  • tw telecom
  • Southern Light
  • Southern Telecom
  • Windstream
  • Zayo